ELA Sisters

We are Elif and Aysegul – actually two cousins, but more like sisters in real life. For many years, we both worked on large, multinational corporate jobs. In early 2019, we decided to focus on our real passion in life. And that is how  ELA Sisters was born!

Our journey started on a small room in our apartment, with a close friend doing our first photo shoot. 2 years later, we were able to collaborate with very successful designers, and established our brand worldwide. It is a dream come true. We have big ambitions, but we are just beginning – and we know we can get there.

We want to thank to our lovely customers and our close friends for their untamed support and trust in us. We could not do it without you, we will be forever grateful to every single one of you! You are in our hearts and minds, every day. Thank you for everything.

Elif and Aysegul